Monday, 25 April 2011

Graduation Preparation

I'm the only one in the class graduating this semester, so there're a few things I need to prepare for assessing in the next six (EEP!) weeks.

Mainly, with my role in the current state of my group's project, there's an issue in that it doesn't really show what I'm capable of creating. So Matt has suggested I mock up my own prototype version of the game to showcase what I can do, or any little things I think should be different than what the group has decided on.

So, there's that.

Site edit: moved all the movement testers out to separate pages to stop killing the blog with multiple unity plugin calls.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Plant Progress

Dandelion, some random indoor plant, thistle (in progress).

More Movement!

Still a lot of placeholder stuff in here, just ignore those.

You are a force guiding the seed. The closer you click to the seed the less force is applied.

Feedback required: do you believe it's a seed, should the movement be slower/faster, less/more responsive?

Opens in new window.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Finding this last night would've been awesome

Link to correct the issue I've been having with ScreenToWorldPoint giving me the camera position instead mouse.

Oh internet, why did you ever leave me?

Vectors hurting my brain.

So this week's task for me has been more movement refinement. Which has meant trying to wrap my brain around vectors. The code I've been using up 'til this point is mostly a heap of hacked together if statements, which kinda works, but isn't the most accurate or realistic.

I've been reading up on vector math here and here thinking about cross and dot products, and studying the unity vector3 documentation waiting for the right function to jump out and say "oi, use me!". All of which has been a whole lot of fail until I went and drew myself this diagram.

Probably makes no sense at all to anyone else, but total duh moment for me.

The lesson here? Remember I have a visual brain.


In other news, the Interwebs at our new house is connected today, woop woop!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 6

I'm a bit behind with things atm being in the middle of moving houses, so here's a belated movement build from last week, have at it. Things to refine: physics behaviour, needs to be more floaty and light, movement accuracy, gravity and more intuitive controls.

Moving moving.

Also, note to self, to work on this week in between packing and cleaning are obstacle textures and particle effects, an image/object for oil (the dark walls in the above build) and different images for the mouse pointer that will also work as a symbol for what you do with it.