Monday, 28 March 2011

Clicky Clicky!

**UPDATE**  Stupid embed not working in Firefox and Chrome. Fix later.

Ok right now the movement is still pretty bodgy, and there're still a fair few things to add in even before Stand Ups in class on Wednesday... such as adding smoothing and figuring out why drag is actually accelerating movement...

but test it out and leave some feedback anyway!

Movement Tester

Monday, 21 March 2011

Video: movement!

Beginning of the prototype for Genus Loci, I've been working on how the player will control the seed's movement. Using Javascript in Unity.

Link for if you can't see the embed: here.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Link (or two)

Mr Boss Level Design: Platform Primer
I keep referring back to this but have to search for it every time, so here it is. So good.

Also read this earlier today (thanks Matt!), twas informative.
Why Angry Birds is So Successful: A Cognitive Teardown of the User Experience.

**Edited** More Link Dump

It's a bit of an effort finding my way around the Torque documentation, so here's a collection of links for scripting/coding for my convenience.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Floaty Seed Thingy

Jasmine, Natalie and myself will be working on Jasmine's pitch Genus Loci. Or as I like to call it Floaty Seed Thing.

First up is getting a prototype ready in the next couple of weeks. I'll be starting in getting the movement happening, J the collisions and N some concept art.

I may be a little excited, but shhh.

A Thousand Tales and One

Arabian Nights, you must create stories to stay alive.

You are a genie, wish-granting quests.

Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

Initially separate concepts these could also be mooshed together as mini-games.

You are sucked into a book of... uh guess... and the only way to escape is to complete each level, I mean, Rhyme or Tale and make it to the end.

Question: Grimm or Disney-fied?

Red Riding Hood
  • follow the path
  • avoid the wolf
  • kill (or save!) your grandma
- or Red Riding Hood's Revenge, down with wolves! -

Jack & the Beanstalk
  • escape from the giant down the beanstalk
  • constant movement, control speed + left & right
  • avoid slowy-downy obstacles

Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • trick your way past the troll across the bridge and get your tasty goat noms
- or point + click stylez
  • Trine/ Day of the Tentacle switching between character shenanigans
  • LucasArts puzzlings
Also interesting: Neil Gaiman's story based on this. The Troll wants a boy's life as payment for crossing his bridge, but the boy, and then teenager, then man, convinces him it would be worth more when he's lived more.

Light Being of Light Doober

You are a marsh light/ will 'o wisp who lures people to their doom. When you are lit up people will follow you, but this will also drain your health.

  • time limit to waste as many people as you can without killing yourself
  • end of the level your health will regen x amount for each deadening
  • you do this because (that's what will 'o wisps do) you're working for the Marsh Light Man and you have to reach your quota
  • lemmings style

You are a being of light trapped in this terrible limbo-y darkness. You must escape before your light goes out.
  • environment around you only exists when you can see it
  • find light "life" sources
  • puzzley
  • being brighter = movement/escape options but dying quicker
  • seeing less, slower movement but less of the dying happens

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Dylan Thomas


Time to get this blog thing started huh. I was trying to do my own setup as I do have my own domain, but perhaps deciding to use Drupal for it was not the best idea. Seeing as I now need to learn my way around Drupal.

So hopefully this one will be temporary.