Monday, 18 April 2011

Vectors hurting my brain.

So this week's task for me has been more movement refinement. Which has meant trying to wrap my brain around vectors. The code I've been using up 'til this point is mostly a heap of hacked together if statements, which kinda works, but isn't the most accurate or realistic.

I've been reading up on vector math here and here thinking about cross and dot products, and studying the unity vector3 documentation waiting for the right function to jump out and say "oi, use me!". All of which has been a whole lot of fail until I went and drew myself this diagram.

Probably makes no sense at all to anyone else, but total duh moment for me.

The lesson here? Remember I have a visual brain.


In other news, the Interwebs at our new house is connected today, woop woop!

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