Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Postmortem Style Post (Part 1)

The final weeks
have been frakking nuts. In about week 10 I parted ways with the Genus group, so that I could work on turning my own vision of Jasmine's concept into something I could be assessed on (as the rest of the class won't be assessed til the end of the year).

I also had to write 3 essays and take a written test for my other classes, which is more theory combined in this one semester than the previous three years of my degree. Well, maybe equal... Yeah, I chose to do that, silly me.

I am sick of sitting at the computer and just want to spend a week or so wandering around outside, absorbing non-technical things. Like, ya know, nature or something.


I have discovered
that without a list of small, specific tasks, I will get distracted by playing with particle systems. Telling myself to "make it pretty" will mean many wasted days hours of exclaiming over camera effects, and then having to fix the camera system before doing anything useful.

I realised (a few times) that pulling an all-nighter when I'm also pretty stressed equals depressed and cranky Simone, which, it seems, is never a good thing for being productive. Imagine that.

Perhaps being direct is not always a good thing.

The reason unity kept crashing probably has something to do with the corrupt files in my project folder... Maybe. That's also why it took an extra two hours yesterday to get it exported, zipped and uploaded. Also why my submitted project is now missing some key assets.

Playtesting will almost always show you've been spending too much time on unimportant things. Like particle effects.

There are five particle systems in this screenshot.

To be continued...

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