Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Light Being of Light Doober

You are a marsh light/ will 'o wisp who lures people to their doom. When you are lit up people will follow you, but this will also drain your health.

  • time limit to waste as many people as you can without killing yourself
  • end of the level your health will regen x amount for each deadening
  • you do this because (that's what will 'o wisps do) you're working for the Marsh Light Man and you have to reach your quota
  • lemmings style

You are a being of light trapped in this terrible limbo-y darkness. You must escape before your light goes out.
  • environment around you only exists when you can see it
  • find light "life" sources
  • puzzley
  • being brighter = movement/escape options but dying quicker
  • seeing less, slower movement but less of the dying happens

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Dylan Thomas


  1. just throwing this in, have you ever played ignite people on fire?(link below)

    seems like you game could follow very similar gameplay if your wanting to work with time limit and killing people. just chucking ideas atcha

  2. Just copying over your other comments Tom to keep track of it.

    Tom Day 04 March at 16:05 [object Object]
    i posted a link on your blog that might be an idea for gameplay style. i dont see it as being as fast paced as that of course but perhaps using that time based point structure with multipliers to reach a level quota would be cool.

    if you used this structure u might even remove the "light drains your health" element. i could see this being restructured as "move faster when not lit, find enemies, light up and draw them in and repeat". but yeh.

    as for how i saw the story, i saw it as this being of light being something like a lure for something greater. wouldn't have to be the same creature but i thought maybe that the little guy was working in a mutually beneficial relationship with some nasty creatures and he used his cute and whimsical light to dance around and lure other cute lil fluffy things into the mouths of the nasties (i like calling them nasties :P) so the main light being isnt exactly as peachy and nice as it makes out to be. thats wot i was thinking though the ideas up on the blog are also v nice :D