Monday, 28 March 2011

Clicky Clicky!

**UPDATE**  Stupid embed not working in Firefox and Chrome. Fix later.

Ok right now the movement is still pretty bodgy, and there're still a fair few things to add in even before Stand Ups in class on Wednesday... such as adding smoothing and figuring out why drag is actually accelerating movement...

but test it out and leave some feedback anyway!

Movement Tester


  1. Woo, the prototype is practically playable. Unsurprisingly, this is much easier to play with my tablet than my mouse. It feels more natural to make strokes with the pen than my mouse. Maybe something to consider when going to PC?

    Quick question, is the side meant to stick to "walls"? This happened when I did some play tests, perhaps I'm playing badly. I'm looking forward to seeing more great work on Genus Loci.

  2. There are several walls that represent tar and you're supposed to get stuck on those, the other ones I have to fix so theres some bounce. I haven't actually tried it with a tablet, but yeah that'd what I've been thinking of...

    Any thoughts on movement response to your control?

  3. Hey, what are the controls? Lol

  4. Ah I see. You click next the ball to make it go in opposite direction. The particle effects represent what will happen to the ball when you run into them pretty well.

    Looks good so far :)

  5. Yeah it works, is the aim to get stuck in the boxes or am I just bad at this games?

  6. Hrm. Interesting, I like the movement, seems logical, click on either side to provide force to move it. Though after awhile I noticed I can't make it go straight, it just keeps using these angles after awhile no matter where I click, obviously it still goes up and down or left or right just the angles can be hard to change after awhile. That was possibly an awful explanation of it, heh, whoops.

    Anyway, good work, looking pretty sweet.